Welcome, I’m Nina Demery, and this is 2ND Look!

If you ever:

Loved a show that never got the ending it deserved (Moesha fans I’m talking to you),

Believed a show did not need a remake (Charmed fans I’m talking to you),

Got excited about remakes with more diverse characters and storylines than the original (One Day at A Time fans I’m talking to you) … then you are on the right blog.

This blog is for conversations about the revivals we love, the remakes we wish didn’t exist and upcoming reboots we hope they don’t ruin.

Television has always been a passion of mine. I love watching TV and discussing it with other fans. No matter the genre, certain shows have a way of evoking emotion. There are people who hate the idea of remakes, but an 18-year-old may not feel the same emotions for a film that was made before their parents were born. Some people felt that A Star Is Born should not be remade, but they had no idea that the Barbra Streisand version they were familiar with was a remake as well. Whether remakes should be remade is another story. The important thing is that the new version was for a different audience and it was a commercial and critical success.

About Me

When I was younger, I convinced my parents to let me have a TV in my bedroom. I was so excited. A month later, they removed it because I wouldn’t leave my room for dinner. They overreacted, but I’m over it now… kinda. In high school, I taped every season of Charmed on VHS. Fast forward to college, I changed my major from Psychology to Media Studies when I realized I enjoyed analyzing films more than minds. You can tell television has always been a big part of my life and I carried that love into my adulthood. I’ve been living in New York City and working in the television industry for six years. I’m currently in the Television & Media Management master’s program at Drexel University. I have a Flame Point Siamese cat named Mateo who watches TV with me when he’s not napping.

My Favorites

  • TV Show – Gilmore Girls
  • Movie – Titanic (I know its cliché, but I can’t help how amazing it is)
  • Animated Movie – Lion King
  • Soap Opera – General Hospital
  • Youtuber – Sacconejolys
  • Musical Group – Pentatonix

Want to Know More?

Want to know about my favorite remakes, reboots and revivals? I want to know about yours. Tune in to discuss movies and shows that have gotten a second look through a different lens. Let’s compare notes. Please follow my blog and comment.