Remakes & Reboots

Remake Rewind: Imitation of Life

Remakes have become a very hot topic recently. Everyone has an opinion about what shouldn’t be redone and why they hate remakes. We cannot forget that remakes are not new and some of our favorite films are not based on original ideas. I’d like to highlight some of the most popular remakes by looking at memorable quotes, scenes and the cultural impact of the films. The first rewind is Imitation of Life.

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Remakes & Reboots

Unpopular Opinion: I Prefer Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral to the Original

When I discovered the television adaptation of Four Weddings and a Funeral last month, I was shocked to find out it premiered last year. How had I never heard of it? Why didn’t anyone tell me about it? When I googled it, I was surprised by what I found: “Hulu’s ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ pales next to the Hugh Grant movie,” and “‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ Is the Biggest TV Disappointment of the Summer.” Those are just a couple of headlines I stumbled upon. My opinion could be skewed since I saw the Hulu series before watching the film. Maybe those articles would be different if the critics saw the 2019 version first. Imagine a series with diverse, three-dimensional characters was adapted into a movie where we barely get to know the main characters; which one would the critics praise? I am here to explain why the Four Weddings and a Funeral remake is more engaging than the film. 

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TV Revivals

3 TV Revivals That Gave Us Endings We Deserved

Everyone can name a television show they loved that ended too soon or did not get an ending at all. Spending months with Post-Series Depression or PSD; thinking of what could have been. I can name shows from 15 years ago that did not know it was the final season. Shows that ended on a cliffhanger. So many shows never get a second chance to give the audience what they want. It made me think of shows that did. Here are three TV revivals that gave us endings we deserved:

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